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15 APR 2021
Sangue Novo Lisbon Fashion Week 2021

Prata Riverside Village was the ideal setting for the 5 collections of the designers in the Sangue Novo category at the Lisbon fashion week edition. The distinctive elements of the development, such as the traditional ceramic tiles covering the facade in harmony with the modern architecture of Renzo Piano, and the games of light reflected on the different spaces, reinforced the innovative character of the pieces presented.

Ana Rita Sousa (@arndes_process) is the winner of ModaLisboa x Polimoda Award. She received a master in fashion design or master in collection design and 3500€. She spoke to us about how architecture and fashion are a joint inspiration and how Prata Riverside Village can be a future inspiration. She was inspired by the artist Eben Goff and designed her minimalist collection MONOPRINT.

@andreia.reimao was one of the finalists in the Sangue Novo competition with her collection LOVE ME TO ETERNITY. She told us about the intrinsic relationship between fashion, art and architecture, and how the Prata Riverisde Village balcony was the perfect place to make the connection with her collection.

João Januário (@foradejogo_) is the winner of ModaLisboa x Tintex Textiles Award. With his collection BLURRED IDENTITIES, where contrasts and disparate elements show the identity and irreverence of the young creator. It guaranteed three weeks at Tintex Textiles and a prize of 2000. He told us how Prata Riverside Village enhanced his collection by being a contemporary space.

@rafaeloferreira is the winner of ModaLisboa x moche Award. With his collection THE THIRD BOX TO YOUR LEFT he won a 1500€ scholarship for young talent. He told us how the panoramic lifts of the Prata Riverside Village valued the transparency and the revealing of the bodies of his collection.

@ariyaki_ was one of the finalists of the Sangue Novo competition with his collection DESIRED FREEDOM. He told us about the importance of the architectural details of Prata Riverside Village, such as the texture and the game of lighting of the buildings, in the valorisation of the pieces of his collection.